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Find your true love and marry


Don’t wait if you are in a relationship for many years.

Don’t waste time for a man who doesn’t propose soon after you get together.

I HAVE. In the past, I had gone through many relationships before I met my fiance. I also wasted many years on one guy who waited too long to propose and I had also wasted my time and money on a guy who doesn’t want to get married.

The experience was an eye-opening for me. Like “I can’t believe I done that”, and “what an idiot I was to be with him”.

I had done a lot of foolish things with my past relationships that I regret but at the same time, I don’t.

I believe that God leads us to the one we will mean to be with.

Many women don’t want to wait and waste their time on a man who doesn’t want to marry her.

All it takes is a few minutes, hours or over dinner to know if that person is right for you.

I and my fiance met at our job just after one month of working and we got engaged in the 4th month. We already have an awesome adorable baby boy and planning on having more all with the first year of our relationship.

I love him and I love our relationship.

If you care about the person so much and cupid hit you with his arrow, don’t be afraid. People, Go Get married. Couple please get hatched. Do Not Wait, Please.  It’s all worth it at the end. 

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