Simple Quick Guide to Start Blogging

This is my first time starting a blog and I want you to experience this with me.


I have done a lot of research before I decide to start a blog and I had looked into many different hosts such as Bluehost, blogger, Wix, Squarespace and many others.

But I came to the conclusion that SiteGround is the best fit for me And it might be for you as well.


Click “Sign Up”


Click on a Plan you like to use

I am a beginner blogger, I end up picking the Startup plan because I am not sure where this would lead to in the future.

Choose a Domain name for your website


Once your domain name has been picked, Input your payment information.  I recommend staying with domain privacy because it protects your personal information being shown on the website you had just created.

Complete your transition and ……

Congratulations on having your very own website!!!! 😁

Now we going to install WordPress on your blog

  • Go to my account
  • Click on “go to cpanel” in red
  • Under WordPress tools, click on WordPress installer icon
  • Click install
  • In the next screen, fill in the information needed

-Choose Protocol: most likely it would be http://

-Choose Domain: your domain name

-In Directory: blank

-Site Name: pick a site name, you can do this later

-Site Description: your site description, can be one later

-Admin Username: Remember this, this is the log-in to your blog

-Admin Password: Remember this, this is the log-in to your blog.

-Admin Email: Your email

-Select Language: English, please

-Choose a Theme to Install: You can install your theme here or on


  • Click Install
  • Log into your new blog!!! Use

and you’re done.

Congratulation on your website!!! and Good Luck!! 👍

**This post contains affiliate links**

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