Becoming a Police Officer


I became a police officer because I want to show everyone I can do it.

At first, I didn’t want to sign up so instead, I started off as a traffic agent aka ticket maid. I know people hate us because of its parking tickets but it’s a city job. I was in this position for two years until I passed my city test for PD.

I’m smart but not physically fit. I failed twice for my physical test. I had work hard like anyone else to be where they are at. I went to the gym and attend tutoring until I passed the test. IT DIDN’T END THERE.

Once I’m in the academy, the physical part/gym wasn’t so good for me. I still didn’t pass the run and the JST aka job standard test, the jumping six feet wall part and the timing.

After long hard work, I passed. I passed all on my own without anyone but being supportive of close friends. No family was there for me because they think I couldn’t do any of this. So sad.

I showed them wrong.

I graduated as a PO as July class of 2016.

It was a life changer for me. It where I met my husband❤. And it is where we had our first child, Lion Cub. 🦁

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