Becoming a Mom

When I found out I was pregnant, it didn’t hit me right away.

I was going though a tough time with my husband than and still am because of my mistake. (Blog post coming soon)

It hit me when I heard my cub first heart beat and seen him in my ultrasound. His little hands and feet forming.

Throughout my pregnancy, there was alot of fighting, arguments, disagreements, doubts, sadness, and disappointments.


How can a man put you in this situation and expect you to be okay after your child is born.

Having my little cub is the most wonderful gift God had given me and I love him with my dear life. I e en stoo working my day job to be home with my baby so I can take care and be with him. I cant bare the thought of having someone else take care of him. He is my world!!!!❤❤❤

Going though so much during the pregnancy, I thought everything going to be okay with me and my husband. Turns out it become worse to the point of him being afraid to be near my son. Because he is afraid to be close to him when one day he will leave me and my Cubs by ourselves. YES! He said that to me. And than just recently after many arguments, he told me that my cub will suffer with me.

What does that even mean, that he going to take my babies away from me. My cub just turned 6 months and he already planning on leaving me and take my love of my life away? I asked numerous time to please seek out help. As a mom I want my babies to be safe and health in a good environment. Not to the therathen everyday, that my cub’s father is leaving us all because he isnt happy with hes life. The main cause of it is work. He hate it so much that it takes it out on me.

Constantly saying it’s all my fault etc etc etc.

I’ve been seeing doctors to clear my mind and it’s just arguments and I’m trying my best not only because I love my husband but also as a mother for Jacob that hes father doesnt want to be there for us anymore.

All of this is heart breaking but I WILL NEVER GIVE UP MY SON TO ANYONE. HE IS MY WORLD. MY LOVE.

Natasha At Home

Life and Relationship Coach

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