Man wants to be obeyed by women

My husband and me gets into arguments almost every day. One day I say something he doesn’t like and the next day he disrespect me by questioning my education saying I do not know anything. I wasted money on my education, how I go to school, don’t know anything he is talking all because I did not clarify what I meant doing a conversation.

He was trying to build his gym. He had ordered online. From experience, he have problems with instruction booklets so I would help out. Since something like a gym equipment, would you not check to make sure you have all the pieces before you assemble the pieces. Sometimes there would be pieces missing and need to return the whole box with all its parts. My husband prefer to assemble all parts and if there’s no piece found, he would rather take the whole thing apart.

I seen it happen as well as experience of assembling alot of parts for furniture or item and at the end of almost finishing, you miss that one little screw or one little pipe and you have call or stop and head out to the hardware store for that one piece or else the whole thing all fall apart once you use it.

I decide to be quiet because apparently my husband repeatedly announced how I do not know what I am doing and he prefer to do things he way or get out.

I wonder why man are like that. I just leave him and he’s “toy” alone. He asked for my help, I’ll try to either refuse, which doesnt help because he would argue with me how I just sat and do nothing and watch he do all the work.

There is no win-win situation with my husband. Every sentence I say that doesn’t agree with he’s statement, he gets loud and assault my intelligence and well being. When I try to defend myself of what I was saying he goes and bring everything that is not related to the conversation. That is where I get upset.

So I have decide how long hopefully take to keep my mouth shut and just listen to him. Some times what he said is not true but unfortunately he doesn’t like my opinion. In the beginning I notice while he assembled his gym, I just standing there just for him to tell me what to do against our wall with nothing to do but watch him work. Like a flower pot. He likes to have an audience and he demands everyone to listen to him. The people do and do not get me wrong I do love him but its sometime annoying when he get like that.

It is so hard to keep your mouth shut when you have your opinion and that it’s not fair. But no matter what you say, it always blow up in your face and end up my fault. Just like what my husband say. I’m worthless.

Natasha At Home

Life and Relationship Coach

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