Husband’s support

My husband hate me all because my parents is out for blood. I am going to court against my parents and my husband isnt supporting me. Instead he is kicking me down while I am down. Saying he hates me and I’m not a good mother all because I teach out to my parents and they rejected me. Now I might have to pay some money for a lawyer but that doesn’t mean I did all of this on purpose. He is very mad and not thinking well. I am a mother and a pretty good one at that. I have no support from my husband because he himself doesn’t know what to do. I am not blaming him like he did to me. Cursing me out, telling me that I am a mistake and my children is also a mistake. That is not very nice.

What can I do. I am tired of crying and tired of begging. He even said he will take my children away all because I was angry when he said I’m not a good mother and he regretted everything. And I was throwing everything away.

Things is not fine between us for a very long time and it just piling up and I know deep in my heart it will go away if we put our heads together as a family, and as a couple working together. Not going against each other. This is very sad and heartbroken for me.

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