Live your life so no one will control you

Live for your self and not for someone who can control and take advantage of you. I use to believe I can’t be on my own.

I always need to be with someone. The feel of relying on someone and for someone to hear my cries when I was in trouble. Since I was a child my parents were not very nice people, to say the least, especially my own brother. I realize they are very controlling people, not that I am a female and the oldest but as a person who wants to live my own life. Back when I was younger I couldn’t do anything, my family forbids it, to hang out, join sports, to even have friends. I had a tough up bearing but I made it. More like I escape that life. I do not want to be controlled. I was 23 years old and was treated like a child in that place. And my parents even allow my brother to do the same with me.

What I did, I left in midnight with just a backpack.

Got me an apartment and be me. It was the hardest decision I ever made but I was so happy with the results. I gained my freedom and I did what I want by my own decision and not letting the family take control of my life. I had made too many mistakes, even now believing people can change. By not living for myself, I had almost lost my family. In the end, I had a good career (becoming part of the NYPD) and now I am a mother of two and a loving wife.

I learned from my broken past that I need to live for myself and for my children who need me. It’s like a domino effect if you don’t take care of yourself and you are unable to take care of someone else even your loved one. Yes, I am a female. They might have their reasons why my family did what they had done. But at that age when I was begging to see the world. I wasn’t allowed to. That was when I have my wings and fly away.

This is my story. I learned to live my life and not for anyone else. My journey had just begun.

So what is yours?

Can you break free and fly towards your freedom?

Will, you truly say, I have lived?

Do you believe that there is much to learn as the day goes by?

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