The reasons why the city life isn’t for me

The city life is not for me

The city life

The following explains why I am not living in the city nor working there anymore. I was from there but I don’t like it at all. I have to thanks my husband for the life I am living now.

• A city is a place of action and chaos. Everything is there in one spot in the world. Everything!

It makes you depend on it, where you are only there within the city. Never live outside city life. The city draws people in and never let them out like a casino. You are not mobile, you don’t even have to drive, which you don’t have a driver license. you only rely on the trains and public transportation. If you do drive or visit the city, you will notice that there is no parking at all. Either its parking regulations or other people can’t park their cars so you can fit your own car in.

It is a place like New York City, a place that never sleeps. All the time, noises and cars and music and chit chat outside your window. You must be a deep sleeper to sleep here.

What a good thing is that everything opens so late even the liquor stores and McDonald. You can take the taxi which just a corner of the block and go anywhere in the city to get what you are looking for. The taxis are all over the city, and if you do drive, they are the worst driver I have known. (they are some good taxis out there, do not get me wrong). But most of them or in a matter fact New Yorker have a lot of road rage for a small city with a lot of traffic.

The city is always grey.

The city’s colors are always dark. Like all type of grey colors. There are a lot of tall buildings, houses and apartment buildings that made it dark. The sun can’t get through them. And the people also wear business suits that are also black or grey colors. Another thing is that there isn’t any plant life in the city. You might spot one or two in the rooftop of a building but it’s not like outside of the city at all. If you look up in the sky, you can’t see any stars at all, because it’s the city that never sleeps which use all its lights.

The people

Well, they wear black or grey business suits since the NYC is where the business is at, they are also mean. They are always on the go, and that means pushing their way to their destination. They are so many people in one city that it is overpopulated, and they are literally one on top of another. Especially the trains during rush hour. Because it is the city, people have struggles and they are miserable because they don’t enjoy their jobs. Some people do, but most do it to get by because of the cost of living in the city is high.

Which leads to

Everything is super expensive in the city.

Which is why only those who have money or on food stamp can shop. The middle class works hard for their children to have the latest items. It all goes back to the city and its people who work so hard, to make the cost of living. The city keeps increasing their prices for everything, public transportation even in the 99 cent stores, junk food and school food.

The city is not for me because it is not that much safe unlike where I live now away from the city. Crimes and murder cases increase every week. And they are continually increasing because they are a restriction on law enforcement such as police officer to do their job for the people of the city.

Also, the rent is over the rooftop for a small apartment and even the housing market. You have to be a millionaire to buy a house there or pull some strings to be own one and work two or three jobs to pay for the bills. Unless you rent out the place for 2 or 3 family house and slowly pay out your mortgage. But even then, the parking…. There is no driveway on the most of property in the city.

Traveling anywhere in and out of the city.

There is traffic no matter where you go all because of construction. There is always construction site going on for no apparent reason that made the city roads into a parking lot on the highways. Day or Night, weekdays or weekends, there will and always is construction going on. Which is why we try not to travel to the city as much. (it’s expensive as well for the tolls to go and from the city).

In conclusion

These are only a few reasons I do not like the city and it is not for me. My husband can list many more as well. I do not mean that living in the city is a bad thing because it does have some good things about it. It is not for me. I like where there is no traffic, all green plants, and space between neighbor with driveways.

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