Book of the week- The sweet life.

Book of the Week

The sweet life.  Find passion, embrace fear, and create success on your own terms.

By dulce candy Ruiz.


I follow Dulce Candy Ruiz on YouTube. She was one of the first people I look up to for makeup tutorials and look up to.

In her book, the first couple of chapter tell us her background story to where she was at now. And throughout it are a small message of encouragements and embracing yourself.

She mentioned that “There are a million ways to find success, and not all of them obvious. The key is to listen to your heart and follow your passion.”

It’s like a biography book of her self to other young people.

I was watching most of her videos as I know her as a beauty guru. I give this book a 7/10 because she spoke more about her journey and how she doesn’t give up though many obstacles. And so can you.

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