NYPD JST is also known as a job standard test.

The JST for the New York Police Department

When I took the JST to the first time to get into the academy, it was hard. I hated cardio and still do but I had to do it to be part of the force.

It was tiring and just very hard. I had to practice during my free time to exercise. The obstacle started with your knees at the line/floor. Run to the fence and climb over. Then run up and down the stairs but make sure both your feet touch the ground before going back up. You run to the push and pull machine three times each side and then run in circles around the “cones”. Afterward, pulling a dummy across the line, which is very heavy, you need your legs muscles for pull the rope connected to the dummy(quick tip, wrap the rope around your arms once). It weighs a ton!! And then finally shooting 20 one hand and, 25 on the other. Or was it 15 and than 20. It been a couple of years now.

It took me a lot of work to pass this. The fence was easy, it’s the 15lbs weight vest and pulling the trigger that gave me problems. After 3 times of trying, I did it! Yay! Now the hard part. The solid wall.

It was the trigger again that killed me in the academy where I got left back in “fat camp” where all the recruits did not pass the run or the JST. And those who do get a chance to go to their command that they might work in. I don’t know why, but I do like Fat camp where all we do is working out. It was fun. It keeps us in shape while others just work. I passed the Run on my second try and I barely made the time. Yikes! But hey I passed it.

Back to the JST. I made it finally, up to the wall, to the stairs, the push and pull machine, the running in circles, pulling the dummy and the trigger pull. Pass! Anyone can do this if you put your mind to it. And don’t think about the time. There is a time limit but working hard, you will do it. I did it and I hate cardio.

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