Gaining weight after giving birth to your child

My goal is to lose my weight after giving birth.

I weight nearly 180 pound from.120. So sad I know. It’s super hard to lose it. I’m trying almost everyday but my curving for food is getting stronger and stronger like what the fuck. Also it doesn’t help that I’m getting older and taking medication. I wont say any more than that. My weight is causing so my trouble for me.

What I have been doing is walking a mile to the local library to running/walking on the treadmill for an mile. So far I see only little results. On the treadmill, I’m jogging a bit more than walking but it a short jog and than back to running. I also been doing 21 day fix by beach body. That helps a bit too. I like it. But I do believe it’s my medication that making me gain more weight.

Beside all of that, I will be taking a trip the store to get some supplements to help me out a bit. I think I need it along with my morning shake I been making.

I’Il will give you guys a heads up of what I’m using to lose all or atleast some of my baby fat.

Thank you


Natasha At Home

Life and Relationship Coach

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