Staying at home

Being at home is awesome.

Beside working , your house is your safe space.
When you are not living with parents.

Walk in your underwear

Pick your nose

Some people who are married even have a chance to be stay at home. Please take an advantage of this because there wont be another one coming. Unless you are lucky.
Being home with your kids is cool, you are the one raising them, not some nanny.
Also being home by your self, given you some me time.

When you are not working and staying at your house either it’s just a weekend or permanently, it’s a good feeling. You can do whatever you want.

1. Do errands
2. Catching up on your fav tv shows
3. Hanging out with friends

When you are your house permanently,
1. Drawing
2. Watching movies
3. Being with family
4. Being with your babies
5. Work from tour house.
6. Work out more

Being at home, your very own home, there is nothing you cant do.

1. Picking your nose
2. Be naked

The down side of this is that you may get a bit lonely if you aren’t married and that is where you may get a cat or dog or even a hamster. Also, being a mom is hard at time when staying at home. Their only your babies with you.

They are ways to occupy yourself. Find it. It will help you out with coping of being at your own house.

Natasha At Home

Life and Relationship Coach

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