Almay pen eyeliner

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Hi beauties!!!

I had recently bought a new eyeliner for my partner who needed for his beard.

He been using alot of my black makeup such as eyeliner and mascara because really, he is getting old and his grays are starting to show. Lol

I went to my local CVS store, saw this new pen eyeliner. I called my partner and he told me to buy cause he saw it on a commercial and it looks good.

He really like how it feels and how it fill his gray hair.

Later, I had tried it. I like how it’s nice black and how it’s very to the point but something about it I dont like. I think it’s about and i believe its how it feels on my eye kid. Like I dont feel comfortable having a small ball instead of a pen tip. Maybe it’s just me not being use to using it.

But overall score I will give this eyeliner would be a:


Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Thank you for reading ♥

Almay pen eyeliner

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