The myth of Sunrises and Sunsets

My version of the myth of why the sun rises and sets.

Once upon a time there a man who roams around the street of Athens saying he has the power to keep the sun up as long as he wants or gone as long as he wouldn’t. He cares about the people of his land and thinks he has a powerful gift. Everyone worshiped him with his words.

One day a boy came up to him by the shores. Are the God of the sun who can keep it up and put it away every day. The god says yes I am him.

Well, can you keep the sun up for 10 days. Said the boy. And God asked him why would he ask such a thing. The boy said I want to k ow if you are truly him and to tell you the truth it’s a bit from my friends.
The man laughed and said ok my boy I will do as you say but I do warn you there will be consequences for this experiment.

And so it is.

The god left the sun up for 10 days. Every day, as he passes through the village and villagers, ask him why. And he simply told them it was a bet from a little boy in town.
Everyone was miserable. They want the night. They want to sunset. When the fifth day came, everyone’s crops and the water from the well had dried up.

Why o why you have to do this bet the villagers asked.

The god repeats it will all soon to the over in 5 more days.

He went to visit the little boy and ask if this is what he wished for . The boy said no and apologize to the mighty god to return the night. To bring back the beautiful sunset he missed so much. It’s not the same. I don’t care about the bet anymore. It seems like every one of his friends is blaming him and exclude him from their games because of the bet.

The god said I will return sunset back but only if you learned your lesson. The boy said yes I have learned my lesson. Not to mess around with the power I can’t control and the power of nature. Only those who understand know better. Thank you for this. Now please return the sunset.

And so the mighty God waves his hands open toward the sky and it starting to turn sunset to dusk tonight.

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