About me

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My name is Natasha who has much so much to tell you and experience with different kind of people and relationship.

  • My Vision is to spread a positive mindset and relationship advice to those who feel that they need it. And that is the first step of knowing when you need help. You are not alone, just need an ear to listen and a little push in the right direction in your life.


  • My mini vision is to be a blogger because I feel confident in my appearance which you can find at more on my blog.


  • My passion is my family. I want the best for them and for doing that is to do my best for myself. To be the best role model as I can be. My very own parents weren’t the greatest model but I will try my best to be a great model.

Let me help you as you can help me. I am currently taken courses in several different fields and one is including life coaching. I already achieve a bachelor degree in business administration with a minor of fine arts.  I also have a few experiences with people from pervious jobs.

Please join me on your quest.